CompPartners Publishes White Paper on Opioid Management

IRVINE, CALIF. (Nov. 17, 2014) – CompPartners has published a white paper, “Opioid Management – a Realistic Approach to Change.” Written by CompPartners’ Medical Director Joyce Ho, MD, the paper calls for more education and involvement of the injured worker.

“We need a two-pronged approach, working with the injured worker as well as the treating physician at the onset of opioid treatment to explain the drugs’ risks,” said Dr. Ho. Studies show dependence and tolerance develop in most patients within 90 days of usage.

The paper delves into the complexity of pain and its treatment. Pain is subjective and difficult to measure. A certain injury may cause minimal pain in one person while causing severe pain in another. Treatment is just as complex. While numerous guidelines discuss opioid use in chronic pain, many are based on research performed on a terminally ill population, not on musculoskeletal injuries. There is also a large range in the recommended maximum morphine equivalent doses, between 50 and 120 MED, in various guidelines.

However, most guidelines recommend a signed patient contract that identifies the terms under which opioids are prescribed.

“This helps educate the patient and identify circumstances that would dictate a discontinuation of medication,” she said. “When the injured employee understands that opioids will be prescribed only for a limited amount of time, he or she won’t necessarily expect a refill on the next visit, freeing the treating physician to evaluate the clinical evaluation and consider other pain management options.”

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